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Modern Ways to Straighten Teeth: Invisalign and Clear Aligner
With the help of Invisalign and Clear Aligner, a variety of misalignments can be corrected. These modern methods are gentle, efficient and barely visible.
Both methods use transparent, plastic mouth “trays” that are worn by patients over a certain period of time.

Personal treatment plan
The Invisalign method follows a personal treatment plan, starting with taking an impression of the teeth. This impression provides information on whether straightening of the teeth is possible with the Invisalign system. By using 3D scans before treatment begins, it is possible to see what the teeth will look like in the end.

Step by Step and Little by Little
Each set of the individually manufactured aligners or trays is worn by the patient for two weeks. Each pair of aligners gradually moves the teeth towards the desired final position. The total duration of the treatment varies greatly from patient to patient and depends on the complexity of the teeth straightening issue. Yet Invisalign is not only gentle and efficient but also transparent. During treatment, patients have regular check-up appointments. This allows the dentist to track and document the progress of treatment for the patient. Furthermore, regular check-ups serve to maintain the patients’ comfort level. This is another major advantage of the Invisalign and Clear-Aligner methods: patients can remove their aligners at any time. There is no restriction to the patient’s quality of life with regard to, for example, eating. Oral and dental hygiene can also be maintained while using one of these methods because the mouth tray can easily be removed for brushing and flossing.

Three trays made from materials with different thicknesses
The Clear Aligner treatment method also puts value on consultation and anamnesis in order to determine which method is best for achieving the treatment goals. The impressions taken from the teeth serve as a starting point for the preparation of a so-called situation model. A computer simulation will show what the tooth correction will look like. This is followed by the set-up, which serves as the basis for the first clear aligner trays. With the Clear-Aligner method, all patients receive three trays which differ in thickness. Each tray will be worn for one to two weeks. The first prescription cycle could therefore proceed as follows: In the first week, the thin tray is worn first. This allows patients to get used to the pressure exerted by the teeth correction. In the second week, a stronger tray is used. Then in the third and fourth week, a harder tray is worn. This method effectively, gently and progressively moves the teeth into their new positions. 

Once the first few weeks of wearing the first set of trays have passed, the orthodontist will then take impressions of the teeth again, thereby checking on treatment progress. The new impressions are in turn the starting point for the second cycle and the next set of trays, which must again be worn for several weeks. This procedure is repeated until the desired treatment goal of aesthetically beautiful and straight teeth has been achieved.

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